If you wish to enquire about the digital book or the future hardback edition feel free to contact the authors by clicking here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does the book cost?

A. £19.99 for the digital copy and £40 printed.


Q. How many pages does the book contain?

A. 576 pages cram-packed full of information, facts, figures, photographs, interviews, quotes etc.


Q. What about statistical information?

A. While the book contains details of every team line-up, results, attendances and goalscorers, due to space restrictions a more detailed statistical analysis will be available via this website.


Q. Once I’ve paid through Paypal, what happens next?

A. Once we have seen that an order has been placed you will receive a download link via email within 24 hours.


Q. Can I view the book on my tablet (such as an iPad)?

A. Absolutely. Simply copy and paste the download link URL from your email into your internet address bar and the book becomes viewable. Tap on any page and ‘Open in iBooks’ (or equivalent) appears on the top right of the page, select this to install the book directly to your device.


Q. Is the book available on Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBookstore or elsewhere?

A. It will be available soon on the iBookstore but nowhere else…apologies for all the Kindle users.


Q. When will the hardback version be available?

A. The hardback will be available in the coming months and more information will be given nearer the publishing date.